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MultiFileRename is a program that can easily rename multiple files within the same directory for Windows Systems

MultiFileRenamer is a tool to easily rename multiple files according to multiple rules. These rulesets can be used in different directories, can be stored for later usage and the results can be previewed. Written in C++ for Windows platforms.

NOTE: I recently received reports of problems on Windows 7. However I switched over to Linux since Windows XP, and have not experience whatsoever with Windows Vista or newer versions. As a result I will not be able to make any changes to this project. If you wish to improve on some small thing, feel free to contact me. You need to be able to compile using Borland C++ Builder and have access to Windows 7.

Multi File Rename

MultiFileRename is a program that can easily rename multiple files whitin the same directory. And repeat the same procedure(s) on different directories and at a later time. (project page)


Preview changes before they are made
Action lists can be made with multiple rename statements in them
Save and load the "action list" to use this list at a later time
Deselect files to exclude them from the rename statements
Easy startup from your internet explorer

Rename options:


Exclude file extensions
All small
All big
Capitalize first character
Capitalize last character
Invert current Capitalization

At a position
After a selected text
Before a selected text

From a certain position upto another position
Remove a text portion

Select a split token and swap these part


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