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Tilaphos is a Windows application for taking time-lapse photographs from Web Cams


Taking photographs at slow rates and playing them back as movies at normal movie rates creates a perception that time in the movie passes faster. Time-lapse photography is a technique used for exposing slowly varying processes, such as cloud and celestial motion, plant growth etc. For more details, see this wikipedia article.

Most photographic cameras, even digital ones, offer limited (if any) control for time-lapse photography and that at a high price. Webcams on the other hand are much cheaper and ubiquitous, though in many cases the images they produce are of inferior quality. Depending on the objective, however, they can provide a cheap but adequate solution for time-lapse photography. 
tilaphos (acronym for time-lapse photographs), is an application for taking time-lapse photographs. It is written mostly for portable devices that can be mounted close to a scene, and for this reason it has oversized buttons and makes use of piemenusin its GUI, in an effort to provide easier control for touch screens operated with fingers. tilaphos can help stage physics andbiology experiments for educational purposes.
A mini web server plugin provides simple multipart jpeg streaming functionality for watching time-lapse live cameras over the web.
NOTE: It is adviseable to take strong security measures if planning to put tilaphos's mini web server to public view.
tilaphos's GUI needs further development, with consideration to the different screen resolutions and form factors of mobile devices. So far, tilaphos has been tested on destop PCs, Toshiba laptops, and mostly on a DIALOG Flybook laptop with a touch screen.

DownloadTcl/tk source code and Windows binaries, as well as this page are hosted at
sourceforge. For users that find it difficult to install ffmpeg, a package that bundles ffmpeg with tilaphos is also available for download.DocumentationUser's manualTechnical overviewHow to mount a webcam for mobile use
YouTube gallerytilaphos channel in
YouTube. You can also share your movies created with tilaphos.[/size]


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