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Plume Creator is an open-source writing tool for novelists - for Windows or Linux

Are you a writer? Plume Creator will help you with this hard task!

This software gives you an outliner, a distraction-free mode, a note manager and much more !

This tool is in development, so you can expect new components will be added in the near future.

For the moment, only Windows and Ubuntu (i386 and amd64) are maintained. Go take a peek at the download section !

Plume Creator v 0.67 very soon

Hello !

The development  of Plume Creator is always active ! The next release will be v 0.67. It will also be the last of this series. As you must know, some future improvements are sometimes easier to code on a brand new software.

Our team of contributors have agreed to make major changes to Plume.

For one, project files will be easily accessible by the user. No more one-file projects. The users of Dropbox or a Version control system will like this. Also, he will be able to open and edit a text in its favourite software.

We will drop the html format for the text, adopting a simplified txt2tags format. If you know BBCode and Markdown, they are in the same family of "Lighweight markup languages".

Lastly, I'll publish a roadmap. So, if someone want to help in the development, he knows where we go.


Cyril Jacquet
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