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The App Goddess has iPhone App reviews because "Ladies Love Apps Too"!



I made this site to talk about and review all of the apps that I like but I never see reviewed on app websites, blogs, and videos. I enjoy all kinds of apps, not just games, which is all I can ever seem to find video reviews of.

Store apps, Television apps, Television show apps, Brand apps, Magazine apps, Education apps and even stupid apps that only do one goofy thing all interest me. I can promise you that you will NEVER see a fart app reviewed on this site.

What else will you find here?

*Audio posts.
I’m not a huge fan of writing – that’s why all the vids. Then I discovered that WordPress allows you to customize audio players to match your blog and adding audio to posts is a breeze. So if you see a player at the top of a post do like Aerosmith said and “just push play”.

*LOTS of iPhone and MacBook case reviews.
I have a bit of a problem in this area and I’m not afraid to admit it.

*Accessories, accessories, accessories.
You need lots of other stuff to make your main stuff more fun, right? Well, I plan to talk about that stuff too.

*Tech “Goodies” hauls & Window Shopping pics.
I love to search the electronic sections of TJ Maxx and Marshalls for budget tech treasures. This is also where I score most of my iPhone & MacBook cases at HUGE discounts. I also love to take pics (LOTS of pics) of the stuff I want when I can’t afford to buy it so I’ll be posting those here.

*Mac app news and reviews.
I love my MacBook and apps that make my computing life easier. I also love to share those finds so, lucky you!

*Video Games
I consider myself a “Casual Gamer”. I can play every day for a month and then walk away for a year. A marathon gaming session for me is two hours. I think I love talking about and buying games more than actually playing them. I’m still rocking the Playstation 2 I’ve had for over 10 years (which still works perfectly) and I’m almost done with God of War 2. Can’t wait to get a XBOX 360 and Kinect. Dance Central will be my first purchase.

*Other tech stuff.
I do have and purchase other tech that’s not Apple related and I will let you know about it.

Thanks for reading this page and please leave me a comment so I know you were here!




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