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Quick IQ Test dot net has a Quick 15 question free IQ Test online ....

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Professional Test Software
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this site is accurate!)

This IQ test will explore your intelligence with good questions in a short time.

    The IQ test consists of 15 questions with pictures.
    The questions are scored according to the difficulty.
    Incorrect answers won't take you any points from your current score.
    There is always only one correct answer.

We have over 25 000 visitors per week from all over the world.

The Intelligence quotient or IQ is a number describing the intelligence of people in comparison to the rest of the population. The original definition of IQ when measuring the intelligence of children was: IQ is a ratio of the mental age to the physical age multiplied by 100. The mental age was calculated on the basis of the average results in a test in the respective age category.

Types of IQ Tests

There are two types of IQ tests:
1) Verbal - They determine the level of the ability to find the superior concept for presented series of concepts: "dog, cat, lion = animal", identify the concept not pertaining to a group: "bird, rabbit, monkey, car", find regularities in series of numbers: "11,12,14,17,21", solving of mathematical word tasks, etc.

2) Non-verbal - These tests are designed to measure the ability to form cubes, organize pictures by certain time and a logical sequence, build shapes from various parts, etc. Some of these tests are often aimed to explore your abstract, complex or detail thinking.

Keep in mind that when you decide to take an IQ test, you have to be physically and mainly mentally relaxed, and take it seriously, which will allow you to be fully concentrated.


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