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WhatTheFont is a font search service to help you identify what font you have found

Seen a font in use and want to know what it is?
Submit an image to WhatTheFont to find the closest matches in our database. Or, let cloak-draped font enthusiasts lend a hand in the WhatTheFont Forum

Submit your image there   Maximum file size: 2MB. For best results, see the image submission tips below.

You may Upload an image file: 
Or specify a image URL: 

Tips for optimal results:

    - Try to get the text as horizontal as possible.
    - Letters should be around 100 pixels tall in your image
    - Make sure letters aren't touching each other.

Image suggestions

The number of characters in your scanned image makes a significant difference in the accuracy of the search results.

Max components (characters): 50

If you are identifying a font that is very similar to others:

* use as many characters as possible or a total of 23 andl use characters that are unique to this font

* If possible, space the characters apart more than normal

* Max image size is 400,000 pixels (width x height)

ideal max. size of the containing NO descenders:
120 pixels x 1666 pixels

ideal max. size of file containing descenders:
160 pixels x 1250 pixels

* Scan images at 300 dpi

* Best file format: Tiff, Grayscale, 300 dpi


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