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Active Free Stuff has listings of lots of free stuff, freebies and free samples

Welcome to Active Free Stuff!
Find tons of free stuff, freebies and free samples there. Sign up for their weekly newsletter to get freebies delivered right to your email. There, there is a large directory of free stuff and freebie links. Legitimate free stuff, freebies and free samples that are only available there at Active Free Stuff.

Hey there! My name is Ryu Low Guo Quan, the current person behind Active Free Stuff. Since I took over the site in the year 2005, the site has seen a slow but steady increase in traffic. Despite the many ups and downs this site has experienced, maintaining and expanding this free stuff site has been and continues to be an incredible exposure to me. This site leads me to slowly dabble in many internet marketing related stuff and gave me one of my main purposes in life. My brother, Low Hang Wei is involved in the technical aspect of this site, making sure everything operational runs well.

However, I had an epiphany in the year 2011, and that is, this site is really one of the best source for free stuff online, yet, it is not receiving as much attention as those sites which are bigger, looks better yet offers nothing concrete to their visitors. Hence, since June 2011, I will be aggressively concentrating on providing this site to the masses, and give American citizens a real chance to get something free at no cost to their pockets and with little efforts.

I will operate the site based on a few simple rules:
1. To always provide real free stuff to visitors.
2. To validate all free stuff and freebie links at the site.
3. To answer all visitors' enquires in a timely and responsible fashion.
4. To constantly update ourselves and establish Active Free Stuff as an industry leader in the world of free stuff and freebies.

Well, here's another link to your fine site ... I hope it Helps spread the Word!


This Site was Opened on January 1st, 2007

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