Author Topic: YodaAdvice is a site of great Jedi Wisdom (from the Redundant Robot Blog)  (Read 1336 times)

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YodaAdvice is a site of great Jedi Wisdom
(I found this as a link in the Redundant Robot Blog)

Like This, you Might:
(Press R to summon another ...)

Of all of my web app ideas I come up with, the one I couldn’t get out of my head was a dumb little Yoda advice page. Fortunately, my dumb ideas are not without making practice of something I can use later.

Originally I had used Nokogiri to parse data from websites but it isn’t the easiest to use gem. I’m sure if I took time to master it I’d be a parsing machine, but I had heard about Mechanize and this was the gem I wanted to try out for my Yoda site.

I parsed out data from a few other Yoda quotes sites and shoveled them right into my database using a rake task. It gets the job done and enabled me to easily randomize a quote along with an image to display everytime you hit the reload button (or just press ‘R’).

Anyway, I have no other plans for this little exercise but wanted to share.


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