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Flightcombat chung is a 3D openGL space / air / sea / ground flight simulator for Windows Systems

Description  Flightcombat chung is a 3D openGL space / air / sea / ground flight simulator written in compiled freebasic with combat against ships DCA and massive air /air /space dogfight.Give orders to your wingmens ,declare war or attack other planes,or fly in formation , refuel at airports or space stations and explore vastes satellite heightmap countries or planets by plane, spacecraft,  foot or car. Can run on a small netbook with windows 7. Zipped and unzip with 7zip.

  • source code (freebasic .bas .bi files) is included in the zip file
  • uses gui_chung and openGL
  • joysticks and gamepad supported
  • massive dogfight
  • instant load time
  • france,england,yougo,grece,israel,japan,vietnam,hawai maps available
  • vg33,corsair,spitfire,bf109,p51d,alphajet,f14,zeros,b25 planes
  • enough of cfs3 ? try this.
  • photorealistic ground textures added
  • airports, towns and dirt roads added
  • enhanced compressed satellite countries heightmaps
  • bigger version with 16bits large addons (zipped & unzip with 7zip)
  • control tower to pilot TTS speech voices
  • orbital station hostess aiml chatbots
  • Mars, Moon, Io planets and space flight
  • many addons real heightmaps to download

 flightcombat_chung 3D openGL space / air / marine / ground combat flight simulator    flightcombat_chung is a free 3D openGL combat flight simulator (space, fly, car, boat) with real satellite countries sea and ground heightmaps. Attack and combat against ships DCA , land and repair on airships carrier, give wingmen orders and fly in formation, declare war or attack other planes to start massive dogfight.You can also explore vastes countries or planets by plane, foot, car or spacecraft.
 it is a free open source program written in compiled freebasic and uses gui_chung and openGL.
 =>  (27Mo) (zipped & unzip with 7zip)
 addons => flightcombatchu/files/addon/


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