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Computer Hope has a free computer dictionary, a list of computer terms, and a computer glossary!

Computer dictionary, terms, and glossary

Browse through our list of over 11,000 computer definitions and terms either by using the above search, browsing by letter, or by clicking one of the below links.

About Computer Hope

Computer Hope

Founded in November 1998 in Salt Lake City, Utah, by Nathan Emberton, Computer Hope re-invented the term "technical support" by offering 100% free technical support to everyone no matter the computer, hardware, software, or operating system.

Today, Computer Hope continues to offer free support and online services that allow any user to learn more about their computer and find technical assistance. Some of the services that Computer Hope offers include free technical support, computer product information, computer tips, computer history, computer company contact information, hundreds of command line commands, computer dictionary of over 10,000 definitions, drivers, computer related news, and has a one of the largest communities of experienced volunteers that help users in the forums and in chat.

Each of these services is what helps make Computer Hope the number one computer help services on the Internet.

    Introduction to the Computer Hope site
    How can the Computer Hope support service be free?
    Computer Hope site map
    Questions and answers about Computer Hope

Our Vision

We hope to make Computer Hope the number one destination for computer support and computer related information. By providing thousands of pages of computer related information, we hope to assist everyone in learning and getting the most from their computers while also assisting all users with their questions when they arise.

Website Goals

With the increasing popularity of Computer Hope, we have noticed a decrease in the amount of e-mails and questions we're able to answer each day.  Therefore, we continue to work on improving our overall customer service for Computer Hope. With this goal in mind, we plan on doing the below this year.

    Continue the development of our new mailing system to enhance the quantity of support e-mails answered.
    Continue the overall development of the site.

We appreciate everyone's patience while we continue to make Computer Hope the best free service on the Internet.

January 2014 - Released an update we've been working on for well over a year. Full details about the 2014 site update.

Here are visual examples of many user interface elements:


This Site was Opened on January 1st, 2007

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