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openstereogram is an open source java stereogram generator for desktops!

  Software Santa LOVES his Copy! A Software Santa Pick! Works on Mac OS X 10.9.2 "Mavericks"

Comes with some sample textures and depth maps! Software Santa did these quickly: 

"BIG Word"

often used for herbal infusions ...

Open Stereogram
Open source stereogram generator for desktops

Open Stereogram
is an open source desktop application to generate stereograms (dotted and textured SIRDS). Many customization options are provided.

  • Dotted stereograms
    • Two selectable colors with configurable intensity
    • Three selectable colors
  • Textured stereograms
    • Selectable texture patterns
    • Texture patterns auto resized without distortion
  • Hidden element
    • One line of text with configurable size
    • Selectable 3D scenes from depth maps
      • 24 bit RGB black and white depth maps
      • Maps auto resized without distortion and auto filled with black
  • Configurable parameters to improve stereograms
    • Stereogram size, depth, observation distance
    • Monitor resolution in PPI
  • Export stereograms to PNG
  • OS independent (runs on Windows and Linux)

Open Stereogram is still in development, but an early version is already available.


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