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Anaglyphmaker is a Cocoa Mac OS X Program for making red/blue stereogram anaglyphs - not working on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and beyond ... get AnaBuilder for those OSes!

After visiting NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories websites for the Mars Rover with my daughter, I got interested in the process of creating red/blue 3D images. After doing some research on these 3D images called "anaglyph images," and not finding any Mac programs for generating them that I liked, I decided to write a program to create them. Anaglyph Maker is the result; it is a simple application for combining "stereo pair" images (images taken of the same subject from two positions a few inches apart on the same horizontal plane) into a single anaglyphic image. There are options in the program for generating both grayscale and color anaglyphs, but to generate a color anaglyph, your source images must be color. You can also save the raw stereo pairs into an Anaglyph Maker document so that you can load it later.

There is some online help available that will help you learn to take "stereo pair" images, and will also take you on a short tour of using Anaglyph Maker. It also contains information to help you find the things you will need to make and view the anaglyph images.
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