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Cuatro is a Cyber Tribute to the original board game Quarto - for Java 7

One of the many games written in Java with the Tjger game making system!

The Ad FREE Android Version is HERE: Cuatro


The game can be played by two players at the same computer, by one player against a computer opponent or by two players over a network. You can find the original board game Quarto at Gigamic.

Author:Harald Gruber
Requirements:Java 7

There is a Java 7 Version of this, for your desktop/laptop, here: Cuatro

Cuatro consists of a field with 4 x 4 squares and 16 pieces.

Every piece has a unique combination of four of the following qualities:
- Round or square
- Large or small
- Bright or dark
- Smooth or with hole

The aim of the game is to put four pieces into a row with the same quality (four rounds, four bright ones ...). A possible row can be a horizontal, a vertical or a diagonal row - and, optionally, the inner squares and/or the outer (corner) squares.

The sequence looks like as follows: One player chooses a piece, which the other one has to put on the field. Then the other one chooses a piece, and so on.

Additional game rules:
Besides the default rows it is possible to count also the four fields in the middle (inner square) as well as the four fields at the corners (outer square), either of which makes it much harder.

Be careful ... even the easy computer player is REALLY Tough to Beat!!!

This game was developed by using the tjger framework (

Correct Download link:
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