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Hot Dice is a dice game also known as "Dice 10000", "Macke", "Farkle" or "Zilch" written in Java 7

One of the many games written in Java with the Tjger game making system!

Click to Download:

(Here Player 1 has WON!)

Hot Dice

Hot Dice is a dice game for two to nine players.
 The aim of the game is to reach 10,000 points by dice certain dice combinations.
 Therefore, this game is also known as Ten Thousand (see Wikipedia).

(Here you can add your round score to your total score by clicking on the green Thumbs Up button.!)

Author:Josef Jordan
Languages:German / English
Requirements:Java 7

  Hot Dice

1 Idea of the game
The object is to score points by rolling combinations of dice, until one player scores over the winning score. The winning score is 10,000 points. 

2 Gameplay
Each player starts his turn by rolling all six dice. From this roll, any of the scoring possibilities may be laid aside, and the remainder rolled again. If all six of the dice become laid aside, then all six have to be rolled again. This continues until the player decides to keep the points gathered so far and pass the dice to the next player, or until no scoring combinations are rolled.

Any points for that turn when a player decides to stop rolling are added to the score. Any points for that turn when a player has no scoring combinations, however, are lost. The player must score at least 350 points to be able to write the score. 

When a player finally does go over 10,000 points each of the remaining players of this round gets a final chance to beat the highest score. 

3 Scoring
A single 1 counts 100 points. A single 5 counts 50 points. Other singles are not counted. 

If rolled simultaneous, these combinations count special:

Three of a kind (1): 1,000 points
Three of a kind (2 - 6): 100 times value (2: 200, 3: 300,...)
Four of a kind (1 - 6): score of three of a kind doubled
Five of a kind (1 - 6): score of four of a kind doubled
Six of a kind (1 - 6): score of five of a kind doubled
Six dice straight (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6): 2,000 points 

(Here is typical Gameplay 3 "Ones" are Selected.)

Download folder:
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