Author Topic: Trap the Wizard is based on the Ravensburger's game "Catch the Cap"  (Read 2029 times)

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Trap the Wizard is based on the Ravensburger's game "Catch the Cap"

One of the many games written with the Tjger game making system!

There is an Ad Free Android Port of this Board Game HERE: Trap the Wizard is a multiplayer board game for Android 4.1 and up

Trap the Wizard
A board game that is based on the Ravensburger's game "Catch the Cap".

Author:   Harald Gruber
Version:   1.40
Languages:   English/German
Requirements:   Java 7

Game instructions - Trap the Wizard

Every player has three wizards that start at their respective home field. These wizards are
moved as allowed by the number that was diced. If a player reaches a field with opposing
wizards he catches them (this is not possible at the special fields that are marked by another
color]. The target is to catch as many wizards of the opposing players as possible.

A wizard has to move exactly the number that was diced. This move can't be divided between
several wizards. The only exception is if a wizard returns into its home field. In that case the
remaining points can be used by another wizard. If a six was diced, the player can do yet
another move.

Every field on the board can take two wizards as maximum (except on the home field). So two
wizards of a player can stand on the same field, two wizards of different players can only stand
on a special field. It is not possible for a wizard to return into his home field, except he has
caught wizards of opposing players. If a wizard returns into his home field than the wizards of
the opposing players are taken from the game. own wizards that are also among the caught
wizards are freed and start again on the home field.

Additionally there is a joker wizard in the middle of the game board. This one belongs to
nobody and has a different color. If any wizard catches this joker he can catch other wizards
also on the special fields were catching is not allowed normally.

A round is finished if there is only one player left and all the other players wizards are caught.
Every player gets one score per wizard he has caught at the end. A complete game consists of
five such rounds.
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