Author Topic: XtraFinder restores color labels and adds Tabs and NEW features to Mac Finder.  (Read 2037 times)

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XtraFinder restores the OS X 10.9 "Mavericks" missing finder color labels, and adds Tabs and more NEW features to Mac Finder.

  Software Santa LOVES his Copy! A Software Santa Pick!

Apple foolishly breaks working features in their OS 'upgrade' ... and thousands of Macintosh users (Software Santa included!) HATE the sudden lack of something essential: .  And a wonderful developer Tran Ky Nam Software steps forward with a free App to fix Apple's STUPID Garbage ....

XtraFinder add Tabs and features to Mac Finder.

• Tabs.

• Dual Panel & Dual Window.

• Arrange folders on top.

• Cut & Paste.

• Global hotkeys.

• "Copy Path", "Show Hidden Items", "Hide Desktop", "Refresh", "New File", "Copy to", "Move to", "New Terminal Here", "Make Symbolic Link", "Contents", "Select...", … .

• Light text on dark background. Legacy label for OSX 10.9.

• Colorful icons in Sidebar.
• Automatically adjust width of columns.

• Press Return to open selection.

• Display folder item count in List view.

• Middle-click to open folder in new window or new tab.

• Use ⌘⌥⇧+Number shortcuts to set Label.

• Much more.

This installer will install XtraFinder to your computer.

Please finish all background jobs like copying or moving files.
Finder will be restarted during the installation.

XtraFinder is a Finder plugin which adds Tabs and various features.

If installation fails, please visit Support page.


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