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NetBeans IDE Is The Smarter Way to Code in JAVA or PHP or HTML or C++

NetBeans IDE 7.0.1

Develop desktop, mobile and web applications with Java, PHP, C/C++ and more.

Runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris. NetBeans IDE is open-source and free.

NetBeans IDE - The Smarter Way to Code

A free, open-source Integrated Development Environment for software developers. All the tools needed to create professional desktop, enterprise, web, and mobile applications with the Java platform, as well as with C/C++, PHP, JavaScript and Groovy.

NetBeans IDE 7.0 introduces language support for development to the Java SE 7 specification with the JDK 7 language features, support for GlassFish 3.1, Oracle WebLogic, Oracle Databse, Maven 3, HTML 5 and more.
NetBeans IDE 7.0 logo


-Java Desktop Applications

Create professional standards-based user interface with the NetBeans Swing GUI Builder. Save years of work by building Java Swing desktop applications with the NetBeans Platform framework.

-Java Enterprise and Web Applications

Build web applications using CSS, JavaScript, and JSP: Support for frameworks includes JSF (Facelets), Struts, Spring, Hibernate, and a full set of tools for Java EE 6, CDI, GlassFish 3, EJB, and web services development.

-Dynamic Languages

Benefit from one combined tool that supports PHP (Zend and Symfony), CSS, Groovy and Grails, and JavaScript.

-C and C++ Development

Edit, profile, and debug C/C++ applications, and make the most of multiple project configurations, remote development, and packaging.

-Visual Mobile Development

Create, test and debug applications that run on mobile phones, set-top boxes, and PDAs using JavaFX Mobile and the Java ME SDK 3.0 Platform.


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