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kpg - Knitting Pattern Generator takes in an image and creates a knitting pattern for Windows Systems (Linux can build from Source Code)

Introduction is a free program that can create knitting patterns out of pictures. It can either create straight patterns or illusion patterns that only reveal the picture when viewed at an angle.
The knitting patterns are simple rectangles (squares) that use simple stiches, a regular "knit stitch" and optionally a "perl stitch". The patterns can be used to create large blankets or many smaller patch-work squares suitable for making a large knitted piece. Experienced knitters are able to take the simple square knitting patterns and integrate them into more complex pieces such as jumpers/sweaters.
kpg can take any kind of bitmap image and create a knitting pattern. It is recommended that low colour images/pictures be used to ensure the knitting process is as simple as possible. It is possible to use a black and white picture and create a pattern using only one colour and using different stitches for the picture. Examples below.
kpg is the only free open source tool I know of to create knitting patterns. Essentially a png2knitting_pattern converter. In theory the patterns kpg generates could be used for crochet (with minor modification).
  • if you do not like the default patterns that are generated
  • Colour database - can create a list of yarn/thread colours and kpg will pick the closest colour (see mycolors.txt).
  • Can create "mono" patterns with only one yarn/thread.
  • GUI and command line tool available
  • Installable Windows setup.exe
  • Python source code available
  • Known to run under Intel Linux and Win32
  • Free!
Road map ideas include run as cgi and generating intarsia knitting charts (see and


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