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NoteTrainer PRO is created for developing the ability of quickly reading and playing notes "at sight." for Windows Systems.

NoteTrainer PRO
Trains quickly score reading and piano playing (MIDI-keyboard)


The main purpose of NoteTrainer PRO is developing the ability of quickly reading and playing notes "at sight." The program generates a random sequence of notes in the range selected by the user, and controls the speed and accuracy of their playing. Instead of random notes can be loaded not very complex melodies in MusicXML format and practice by studying them. Input the notes possible not only with MIDI-keyboard, but from the PC-keyboard, as well as using the virtual keyboard.


    Opportunity to choose a range of notes for exercises
    Changing the complexity of exercise
    Loading exercises in MusicXML format
    Input notes using MIDI keyboard, the PC keyboard or a virtual keyboard

NoteTrainer PRO - is a program, helping beginner pianists to master the technique of playing "at sight." For the musicians of average level, provided the opportunity to play melodies and exercises, recorded in the MusicXML file format. Simple, user-friendly and intuitive interface, excellent quality of the score rendering, flexible configuration, and much more can be found in a totally free, open-source NoteTrainer PRO project.

The latest version of the distribution is located at

The source code was written in C++. Visual Studio 2008 project can be downloaded from the repository or from the

Here you will also find a collection of exercises in the format MusicXML (see "File Catalog"). For their creation has been used a free score editor MuseScore 1.3. Her distributive and detailed description on the However, for recording melodies and exercises can be used and other score editors, that supports exporting to MusicXML, such as Sibelius or Finale.

A huge archive of MusicXML files stored on

In the section "Manual" you can read the description of the interface and functionality of the program.


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