Author Topic: Android Giveaway of the Day Gives Daily free apps you'd have to buy otherwise  (Read 2061 times)

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Android Giveaway of the Day Gives Away Daily free apps you'd have to buy otherwise

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Android Giveaway of the Day is finally here. All new, shiny and ready to be visited daily!

Well, that was quite a story. Though we have been planning the release for a while now, this process can't be called flawless. We'd like to welcome you to visit mobile-friendly Android GiveawayoftheDay. You won't have any troubles navigating it on your Android as well as on any other mobile device. Besides you can add a shortcut to your home screen for quick access.

The concept remains the same as usual visiting the site might help you to find new interesting apps for your Droid and save you a few bucks. But as it often happens when working with Google there's a twist. Unlike GOTD for PC, you won't know how long certain giveaway will last, but, on the plus side you can get even 10 (or more) free apps (including games, utilities, productivity software and more) every day. So do not forget to check the occasionally not to miss another great offer (and also do not forget that you don't have to install every app that goes free).

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