Author Topic: Master Mouse is free cross platform software to enhance mouse handling skills  (Read 1883 times)

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Master Mouse is free cross platform software to enhance your mouse handling skills

Software Santa tested this out on his system ... and it said his skills increased by 36%! He DID find a few things wrong with it ... left a review about it ... and posted this present anyway.


It is a software that is built to practice mouse handling. It is simple and straight forward to use. No game like interface, so ideal to use in class. Anyone, who may not like gaming, but wants to learn mouse handling can try it. It is built in java, So it can run on any type of system.

Categories:  Computer Aided Instruction (CAI)
License:  MIT License


    Straight forward practice method, ideal to use in class.
    Stores time spent on practice and evaluates improvement under ideal conditions.
    Four levels for double click speed, independent of operating system's doble lick operation.
    Portable, as built in Java.
    Other features inherent from Java


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