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SafeFARE provides tools and resources to help you create a safer, more enjoyable dining experience ...

About FARE

Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) works on behalf of the 15 million Americans with food allergies, including all those at risk for life-threatening anaphylaxis. This potentially deadly disease affects 1 in 13 children in the United States – or roughly two in every classroom. FARE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was formed in 2012 as the result of a merger between the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network and the Food Allergy Initiative.

Our Mission
FARE’s mission is to find a cure for food allergies, and to keep individuals with food allergies safe and included.

We do this by:

    Investing in world-class research that advances treatment and understanding of the disease,
    Providing evidence-based education and resources,
    Undertaking advocacy at all levels of government, and
    Increasing awareness of food allergies as a serious public health issue.

 About SafeFARE Enjoying restaurant meals with friends and family doesn’t have to be off limits just because you have a food allergy. With the right planning and preparation, eating out can still be an enjoyable part of your life.
Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) – the nation’s leading organization working on behalf of the 15 million Americans with food allergy – has created the SafeFARE program to offer tools to both those with food allergies and restaurants to help create a safer dining experience and improve quality of life for those who are managing food allergies.
Keep reading to learn more about our partners and the resources you can find on the SafeFARE site.
 Our Partners FARE is proud to partner with two trusted resources, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) and MenuTrinfo, to create a safer dining out experience for individuals and families managing food allergies.
  • Developed in partnership with FARE, the NRA’s ServSafeâ„¢ Allergens Online Course is a comprehensive, interactive training program that educates restaurant personnel – from the hostess in the front of the house, to the manager and executive chef, to the line cook in the back of the house – about the severity of food allergy and the precautions that must be taken. Read More
  • MenuTrinfo’s AllerTrain® service offers training in the classroom setting, as well as live, online webinars that are conducted by an instructor. The program teaches chefs and foodservice employees safe handling and delivery procedures of meals to diners with food allergies. Read More
  • FARE is also proud to partner with AllergyEats, the leading guide to food allergy aware restaurant reviews. Restaurants listed in the SafeFARE database are encouraged to include a link to their AllergyEats profiles so users can read more about their commitment to serving diners with food allergies. Restaurants linking to their AllergyEats profile from their SafeFARE listing also will receive a special “SafeFARE listed” icon on their AllergyEats profile.

     Food Allergy Resources Explore our resource library for expert advice and information about dining out with food allergies–including a chef card that you can download and personalize. Explore the library.

     Find a Restaurant Use our searchable database to find food allergy aware restaurants near you. Staff at these restaurants have completed the industry’s most trusted food allergy training programs: the National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe® Allergens Online Course or MenuTrinfo’s AllerTrainâ„¢ course. Restaurants go through an annual verification process to ensure staff training certificates are up-to-date. Start searching!
Restaurants:  Do you have staff members who have completed these courses? Add your restaurant to our database!

About Food Allergies
Food allergy is a serious medical condition affecting up to 15 million people in the United States, including 1 in 13 children. Whether you’re newly diagnosed or brushing up on the facts, learning all you can about the disease is the key to staying safe and living well with food allergies.

What is Food Allergy?
The job of the body’s immune system is to identify and destroy germs (such as bacteria or viruses) that make you sick. A food allergy results when the immune system mistakenly targets a harmless food protein – an allergen – as a threat and attacks it.

Unlike other types of food disorders, such as intolerances, food allergies are “IgE mediated.” This means that your immune system produces abnormally large amounts of an antibody called immunoglobulin E — IgE for short. IgE antibodies fight the “enemy” food allergens by releasing histamine and other chemicals, which trigger the symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Learning More About Food Allergies
Follow the links to learn more about allergens, symptoms, food allergy reactions, how to manage a food allergy, and other important topics.
Food Allergy Symptoms>
About Anaphylaxis>
Diagnosis and Testing>
Treatment and Managing Reactions>
Living with Food Allergies>
Food Allergy Research>
Related Conditions>


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