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Xteddy is a Virtual Teddy Bear for your Cyber Desktop (Versions for almost All Platforms)  That's Pronounced "EX-Teddy" ...

  Santa LOVES His Copy! A Software Santa Pick!

This works on the Early 2008 Mac Pro!

 (Works on systems up to and including Snow Leopard!)

Every Year around Christmas time I get my Holiday Decorations set up on my Computers' Desktop. This is one of the first to Arrive and Last to go each year. XTeddy has been popular since 1994 - I'm sure he will never grow old!


Hello! I'm Xteddy, your virtual comfort when things get rough. I can do everything a real teddy bear can do. That is, I can sit around silently, look cute, and make you smile.

I was created in 1994 by Stefan Gustavson. Enhancements and bug fixes have been provided by several people throughout the years, most recently Andreas Tille. You can download the basic version 1.1 of me on GNU zipped 'tar' format. That version should compile on most Unix/X systems without problems.

If you have ImLib installed, which is included in most modern Linux distributions, you can get Xteddy version 2.0.1 instead.

I want to sit on your X desktop. Can I, please?

Now available also for Mac "Classic" OS 8/9, Microsoft Windows, OS/2, Mac OS X and *BSD!


About Xteddy  (From the desk of Stefan Gustavson)

I created Xteddy in 1994 as a spare time hack for fun. The reception he got from my colleagues was so heart-warming I was encouraged to distribute him world-wide. Much to my surprise, the response was overwhelming. By now, I have received hundreds of friendly messages of appreciation from all over the world, and they keep dropping in even
this long after the release. To all of you teddy bear lovers out there: thanks!

The teddy bear image is a photo of a Tender Teddy from Gund. I have the original sitting on my non-virtual desktop at work.


Xteddy version 1.1 should compile on most Unix/X systems. He has been reported to run properly without modifications on SunOS, Solaris, HP/UX, AIX, A/UX, Irix and Linux, among others, and he is compatible with X11R4, R5 and R6 as well as all versions of OpenWindows. Should you encounter any problems, let me know and I'll try to help.

There is a known problem with KDE (K Desktop Environment) if you use its native window manager KWM. There is a simple patch available for version 1.1 to fix this problem.

Your own teddy bear

If you would rather like to have the program display an image of your own teddy bear, or one you wish you had, it isn't that difficult. Instructions may be found in the documentation supplied with the source code in the distributions of Xteddy. For version 1.1. it takes a bit of fiddling with XPM image files, but for version 2.0 it's really very simple, thanks to Andreas Tille and ImLib. In case you feel your skills in image editing are limited, I might even volunteer to take an image of your favorite teddy and convert it to the appropriate format. What I need to consider doing that is a high quality digital color image, at least 300 pixels wide or so, taken against a reasonably plain background in a contrasting colour, preferably white.

Port to Windows 95 and Windows NT available!

A while ago, I had a very pleasant surprise. Claudio Felber at Cybernetic finally managed to port Xteddy to Windows32 (NT and 95). The port was painful, but it is skilfully and cleverly done, it works, and it looks very good on any reasonably fast PC. The official release should be available from Claudio too, but I have a copy here as well for you to grab and unzip.

    * Get the Windows version of Xteddy
    * Get the Windows version of Xteddy with C++ source code

Port to OS/2 available
A port of Xteddy that runs under the Presentation Manager of OS/2 (which is a sadly underestimated operating system) was written by Alessandro Mascherpa. There are no true shaped windows under OS/2, so this port uses a somewhat ugly but rather clever workaround. The archive can be downloaded from here:

Port to MacOS X
A port to Mac OS X has been made by Stefan Leuker. You can now only download the Mac OS X version of XTeddy (who originally came from the now defunct "" web site) from here: XTeddy for Mac OS X version 1.1 (Note: If you have trouble downloading this ... Right Click and "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" to download the zipped App.)

Ports to OpenBSD and NetBSD

A port to OpenBSD has been made by Kevin Lo. Download it straight from the horse's mouth at the OpenBSD CVS web.

A port to NetBSD is also available thanks to Hubert Feyrer. There are two versions available, both the original version and the new and improved version which requires ImLib.

Get XTeddy for Mac OS Classic 8/9 HERE:  (Note: If you have trouble downloading this ... Right Click and "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" to download the zipped App.)

Get XTeddy for Mac OS X (Version 1.1) HERE:
  (Note: If you have trouble downloading this ... Right Click and "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" to download the zipped App.)
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XRupert is a FREE Virtual "Family Guy" Teddy Bear for your Macintosh OS X Desktop! This PPC App works on Intel Macs - in Rosetta mode - up to 10.6!

A Software Santa exclusive!

Rupert is Stewie Griffin's teddy bear. Though inanimate, Rupert has become his personal confidant and best friend. Stewie confides all his secrets and machinations in Rupert, and often gets upset when Rupert does not respond.

XRupert is a conversion of the APP "XTeddy 1.1" for Mac OS X ... by way of simply replacing his face.

XRupert is a loving Tribute to the Original XTeddy (created by Stefan Gustavson), to the memory of the web site of Stefan Leuker which USED To be at, and to Seth McFarlane's "Family Guy": and is wholly unsupported.

Rupert height=137

Rupert is first seen as a brown teddy bear, but in later episodes he appears more orange.

XRupert is not ported to any other platforms. XRupert is "Fan Art" ...
XRupert will work on the SAME Mac OS X systems as the version of XTeddy 1.1 for Mac OS X used to.
(Look at that other post up there.)
A Software Santa exclusive!Take Your XRupert Home and tell him all YOUR plans, too.

Get him HERE
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