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MotoGT is a multiplatform top-viewed motorcycle racing game. For Windows/Linux/BSD


MotoGT is a multiplatform top-viewed motorcycle racing game. You can choose beetween 15 bikes and start a professional career. By winning races and championships, you earn experience to improve your bike, and you can also unlock some extra features.

What is MotoGT?
MotoGT is damn good totally free motorcycle racing game. There are two ways to find out what is this about:
   1) download the game and loose your day playing
   2) watch the video, and then download the game and loose your day playing.

No more words, here's the video:

A better description?
MotoGT is 2D top-viewed game where you drive a MotoGP bike, and you want to win races. In career mode you start with a regular bike, but when you win races you get experience, and experience let's you improve your bike. If you win championships, you can also unlock hidden features.

The game is writen from scratch in C++ with SFML libs. It is really free (GPL license for code, CC-BY-SA license for the rest of the art), and portable (currently runs on Windows and GNU/Linux, soon also for Mac OSX).

What's in the game:
Here's a list of what the downloadable version do have now:

    15 different bike colours
    12 different tracks
    Nocturnal races
    Wheater conditions
    Quickrace and Career modes
    Three-stage race weekend
    Championship mode
    Tunable graphic details
    Ambient and fx sounds
    Integrated help system
    Joystick support
    Reworked game options
    On screen map and information
    Widescreen support
    Multilingual: spanish/english

What's missing:
Here's a list of changes you'll see in the final version (and its progress):

    Unlockable hidden features
    Really different bikes
    Improved tracks' graphics
    And more...

Latest version is: beta 20110505.

IMPORTANT: The game is not over yet (but playable anyway), I'm still developing some features, so please be patient and let me know how you think it is going at this point.

Installing the game
There is no installer. It's just a compressed (zip) file. In Microsoft Windows, just unconmpress it somewhere and run "MotoGT.exe". In GNU/Linux, you can try with one of the included precompiled binaries, and if that doesn't work you'll need to compile it, but there are easy instructions in the file "linux.txt", so download the same zip file and follow the instructions.

Compiling the game
The source code is included in the zip file. There are also two Makefiles (for GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows). You will need GCC/MinGW and the SFML library. There is also a project file to be opened with ZinjaI (a free C++ IDE).
For compiling in GNU/Linux, just type "make" in a terminal.

Hardware requirements
I don't know exactly what you need to run this game, but it should go smoothly in any modern PC (with OpenGL working properly), and it also includes a set of low-resolution images in order to run in old machines. That means that it doesn't require a huge graphic card, it only uses basic OpenGL functions, and modern stuff (like shader's effects) is optional and doesn't affect gameplay. So detail (textures resolution, and amount of effects) can be easily tuned to fit your system.


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