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ArtsConnectEd is a good site with Tools for Teaching the Arts for Educators ...

Welcome to the new ArtsConnectEd!
 Explore the combined collections of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the Walker Art Center through hundreds of new features in ArtsConnectEd. Search over 100,000 resources in the Art Finder, including works of art, texts, audio, video, and interactive resources. Save and customize items in the redesigned Art Collector. Comment, tag and rate everything!

About ArtsConnectEd General Description
ArtsConnectEd is an interactive Web site that provides access to works of art and educational resources from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and Walker Art Center for K-12 educators, students, and scholars. Art Finder, ArtsConnectEd’s searchable environment, is where users can browse the museums’ digitalized items including Works of Art, Texts, Audio and Video, and Interactive Resources.  Art Collector empowers users to save, customize, present, and share items in Art Collector Sets.
 Founding of ArtsConnectEd
 In 1997 the MIA and WAC received joint funding from the state of Minnesota to digitize and integrate the collections and education resources of both museums.  The original ArtsConnectEd launched in 1998, winning a Best of the Web Educational Site from Museums and the Web and a Gold Muse Award from the American Association of Museum’s Media and Technology Committee in the spring of 1999.
 With additional funding from the state of Minnesota, the Education Committee began to explore strategies for training teachers to use ArtsConnectEd through a train-the-trainer model, based on one lead trainer developing a highly skilled core group of teachers from around the state, who would in turn conduct teacher workshops in their regions. To date, more than 3,500 K-12 and pre-service teachers have participated in workshops focusing on the effective classroom use of ArtsConnectEd. During fiscal year 2008, ArtsConnectEd had over 2 million unique user sessions.
 2008-2009 ArtsConnectEd Re-design
 On September 26, 2006, the Institute of Museum and Library Services announced the 2006 National Leadership Grant recipients. The Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts were awarded a grant to:

  • Improve and expand ArtsConnectEd functionality by redesigning the Web site.
  • Empower museum educators and classroom teachers to create and manage educational content from museum assets through new online tools.
  • Redefine the relationship of museum educators to both their institutions and the K-12 education community by achieving project outcomes.

The project proposal may be viewed in the Grants & Reports section of the project site.
 Technical Information
 ArtsConnectEd is written in PHP using the Symfony Web framework.  We have used open source tools and packages wherever possible to support our development, and the project would not have been possible without the hard work that went into these tools.
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