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Aeron is a multiplayer combat flight simulator with lots of air combat maneuvering for Windows Systems   


Aeron is an open-source multiplayer air combat maneuvering trainer game. It has abstract graphics, realistic flight dynamics, advanced A.I and network support. Players in up to four teams can play dogfight matches, big furballs of jet warfare.

Aeron is a combat flight simulator that focuses strongly on air combat maneuvering, artificial intelligence, and flight dynamics. Aeron minimizes focus on aspects such as intensive graphics, complex avionics, story/campaigns, and setting.

NOTE: A new version of Aeron is to be out soon! Features include aircraft models, more tweaking of net code, improvements in aerodynamics, and more!

NOTE: Users that downloaded from before 06-May should download new version of Aeron: A bug has prevented networking from working. This new minor release will fix this issue!

NOTE: ATI Users may want to download this fix if their textures are failing.

Realistic flight dynamics
The flight dynamics strongly depend on graphing, to ensure the general performance factors of the aircraft match their real life counterparts.

Simple controls
No avionics to worry about...focus is straight on maneuvering. Playable with keyboard.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence
Lots of time and effort put into the A.I. to make sure it will make a good opponent!

LAN/Network support for up to 32 clients
Connect up with your friends and engage bandits in massive furballs, up to 4 teams.

Full Tacview ACMI Recording support
Review your moves and grooves after you finish your moving and grooving. Exports to Tacview format ACMI. (Requires Tacview to play those recordings.)

Low System Requirements
Built on solid C++ code, using the well-known OpenGL graphics library. Combine that with simple non-intensive abstract graphics, and you got something that runs on a dump.

Joystick support
Plug in your favourite flight stick or even gamepad.

Seven flyable real-world jets
Fly your favourite modern jet! Raptors, Fulcrums, Vipers and more!

Free and Open Source
A free beer with the recipe provided and license to change and re-distribute it so if you don't like the taste you can get the recipe and make your own beer. What is there to lose?


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