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perso3D chung is a simple 3D character model animation and easy editing program for Windows Systems

This is a 3D Model Editor / Animation System / Game Making Program / with a Cool Demo Game - most Windows users will just want to PLAY the Included Demo Game rather than use this to Make a Game.

perso3D_chung free openGL easy 3D character model animation and edit software

perso3D_chung is a compact custom easy 3D model animation and editing open source freeware directly into openGL .Same animations data can be used for differents character models. Multiple animations can occur at the same time. It is written in freebasic and uses gui_chung. Lowcost, customizable and fast technique for freebasic programmers.

Included  perso3D_chung_dll dll version that can be called in c++ or other languages , though i recommend you freebasic+fbEdit : it is as fast as C++ , and so much more simple .Comes with a small hack and slash game "game1" with horse riding , gold pieces , potions , chests , dungeons , monsters , and a free fps shooting kill police game.

=>   (11MB)

(21/04/2013) edit perso / edit anim , added
(22/04/2013) skeleton, custom persos added
(23/04/2013) load perso + perso3D_chung_dll dll version added
(24/04/2013) 3rd / head view added (V)key
(26/04/2013) game1 added
(28/04/2013) orc model added
(11/05/2013) shadows added
(16/05/2013) barbare woman added
(25/05/2013) house added + enhanced shadows speed
(26/07/2013) jaw, tail1, tail2, dinosaur (tyrex) added  (switch between warrior.anim3D & monster.anim3D if _jaw.3ds file exists)
(28/07/2013) bear added
(03/08/2013) trex, tiger, lion added
(14/08/2013) man,woman added (used in circuit_chung)
(12/09/2013) horse and riding added (L key)
(14/10/2013) spider added
(15/10/2013) dooms added
(18/10/2013) dungeons added
(22/10/2013) fps shooting gun added (G key)
(23/10/2013) riding gun, keyboard.txt added
(23/10/2013) kill police added
(28/10/2013) castles ruins added
(30/10/2013) castle2, getcastleheight added
(04/04/2014) save last dungeon level added
(05/04/2014) pirate, scorpio added
(07/04/2014) coins, gold, weapon inventory and repair added
(07/04/2014) chests, heal potions added (in dungeons)
(09/04/2014) vampirebat, monsterfly.anim3d added
(13/04/2014) display map , water added
(16/04/2014) wall torches lights added
(14/06/2014) doors added


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