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Dubaron DiskImage is the ultimate tool to backup and restore partitions for Windows Systems

What is DiskImage DiskImage is the ultimate tool to backup and restore partitions, entire harddisks, usb keys, floppy drives and (read-only) optical media. DiskImage features built-in zip compression, it's own compression method for data > 2Gb, MD5 and SHA1 checksumming, a hex editor, and various tools like drive speed and seek testing.
 Dumping and restoring partitions, usb sticks, floppies, optical media, diskimage is the swiss army knife.  Features
  • A clear and convenient graphical user interface will help you learning the application quickly.
  • You will be explicitely warned and asked for confirmation before overwriting existing data.
  • Multi-purpose. Wether you simply want read or write floppy images, dump cd or dvd images, hex-edit your partition table, it is all possible!
  • GPL License
Usage examples
  • Calculate MD5 sum of an file or iso
  • Backup and restore USB keys
  • Dump cd's to iso
  • Hexedit files, floppies and disks
  • View partition information
  • Backup and restore data on non-native partitions
  • Search in file or disk for textual or binary data
  • Clone a harddisk
  • Copy contents of one partition to another
What is DiskImage NOT Diskimage is not a norton-ghost clone. It wil not automatically backup partitions. It will not move partitions on itself. It can not boot (a minimal OS), it's just a windows-32 application. Intended audience People that want to edit their harddisk with an hex editor, or know how to clone a usb device etc. Command line tool devcp is a tool that allows to copy raw devices and files, like a file to usb key and vice versa. It does not come near the abilities of diskimage, it can only copy without any additional parameters. If you seek such functionality, i suggest to find a windows port of the unix tool `dd`, like the one provided by unixutils
 readme: readme
 source:   News November 26. 2008 - Added binary and source for the commandline tool 'devcp' to this page.
 Project source and binary distributions available on sourceforge

 October 25. 2008 - DiskImage will go open-source under a GPL license. Source and compilation instructions will be posted soon.

 June 13. 2006 - Diskimage 0.9D is released. This version reports accurate filesysize of devices on operating systems that support that (XP, 2003 server). It will gracefully downgrade to 'CHS' based calculation on windows 2000.
 The GUI hardly changed, but internal there is another library used, which also easifies adding more features in the future.

 November 23.2005 - Diskimage 0.9 prerelease C released. This release includes a license change! The freeware version of DiskImage is now full-featured with no limitations! Supported platforms Windows 2000, windows XP. Windows NT4 untested. Windows 9x/me is not supported. A linux version may or may not be available in the future. We will focus on the feature set first before porting. More information  
Show logical volumesyesyes
Show logical drivesyesyes
Show partition tableyesyes
Access raw driveyesyes
Backup datayesyes
Restore datayesyes
Save as zip< 2Gb< 2Gb
Restore from zipnonoyes
Save as compressed fileyesyes
Load from compressed fileyesyes
MD5 checksumyesyes
SHA1 checksumyesyes
Hex viewer & editoryesyes
Hex searchyesyes
Ascii searchyesyes
Media change detectionyesyes
Virus scan*nonomaybe*
Edit partition tablenonoyes
Direct copyyesyes
Move partitionnonoyes
Erase datayesyes
Write harddiskyesyes
Read harddiskyesyes
Write usb keyyesyes
Read usb keyyesyes
Write optical medianono
Read optical mediayesyes
Plugin support*nonoyes
* Licensing issues prevented us from including anti-virus and disassembling funtionality using common available libraries. A plugin mechanism may circumvent this. But, this has to be discussed with various authors. Using GPL solves this issue, disassembling and virus scanning is available in public and development version and is released to the public. Current version Current version is GPL. The current version is 0.9F, which provides already all functionality that will be available in version 1.0, but needs a little polishing. History DiskImage has it's roots in the cd2iso application, but is extended to a full-featured tool. Many hours of coding made this tool convenient, reliable and multi-purpose. Reliability Although we extensively tested the application, we cannot guarantuee it is free of bugs or protect you from making mistakes. You are solely responsible for making backups of your data. The software is capable of overwriting harddisk partitions (although you could overwrite part of your harddisk. With normal use you risk destroying data on floppy disks, usb keys, internal and external harddisks. By using the application you inherently agree you know what you are doing. We are not responsible for you loosing data!


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