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eAdventure (formerly <e-Adventure>) is a cross platform authoring tool for the creation of point-and-click games.

There are a LOT of fun Demo and Example games already made! You might want to PLAY instead of Create!


eAdventure (formerly <e-Adventure>) is an authoring tool for the creation of point-and-click games, especially designed for educational purposes. eAdventure is SCORM compatible so eAdventure games can be integrated with LMS like Moodle. More info at:

Welcome to the eAdventure project website

The eAdventure platform is a research project aiming to facilitate the integration of educational games and game-like simulations in educational processes in general and Virtual Learning Environments (VLE) in particular. It is being developed by the e-UCM e-learning research group at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, with three main objectives:

    Reduction of the development costs for educational games
    Incorporation of education-specific features in game development tools
    Integration of the resulting games with existing courseware in Virtual Learning Environments

From this website we wish to promote the use of the tools developed as part of the eAdventure project. The core of the eAdventure project is the eAdventure educational game engine, that runs games defined using the eAdventure language. Authors can use the graphical editor to create the games or directly access the human-readable source documents that describe the adventures using XML markup. With eAdventure, any person can write an educational point & click adventure game.

Authoring features:

    Support for all the common traits of point & click adventure games and interactive fiction
    Graphical editor for authoring
    Choice of interaction style: Traditional adventure menus or Contextual menus
    Customizable interfaces
    XML notation for the description of the games

Educational features:

    Built-in assessment mechanism
    Support for real-time adaptive learning scenarios
    Games packaged and bundled with standard metada (IEEE Learning Object Metadata)
    Integration with Learning Management Systems through game exportation following educational standards (SCORM 1.2 and 2004 and IMS Content Packaging) special export for game integration with WebCT 4.0 and support for IMS Learning Design
    Integration with the Content Repository Agrega.

Engine features:

    Written in Java
    Can be deployed as a standalone application or as an applet for online education
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