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One Today lets you easily give $1 each day to causes and nonprofits that inspire you.  A Mobile App for iPhone or Android that maximizes your giving ... a $1 a Day ... to a different and WORTHY cause!

How worthy are these causes? Look: !

Google One Today

Google One Today
Give a little. Change a lot.


Share the love.

Multiply good with the people in your life.

The greater the compassion, the greater your reach and the greater you'll feel.
Available for Android and iOS


Create a culture of giving every day.

One Today lets you easily give $1 each day to causes and nonprofits that inspire you. It's a community of generous people like you doing one good deed a day.

Download the app and see for yourself how you can change the world.
Get it on Google Play      Download on the App Store

Frequently Asked Questions
What is One Today?

One Today is a mobile app available to Android and iOS users in the U.S. that lets people learn about different nonprofits every day, donate to projects that inspire them, and amplify their impact by matching their friends' donations.

Why is Google doing this?

Google has a long-standing commitment to supporting nonprofits and to doing good. One Today makes fundraising easy for nonprofits; it also makes giving simple and fun for users.

How do I get One Today?

One Today is available on Android via Google Play and on iOS via the App Store.

How does it work?

    Learn about a different project from a nonprofit every day. The more you engage with the app, the better we'll get at picking projects for you.
    Choose to donate to projects you like.
    Amplify your impact by matching donations and sharing your favorite projects with your friends on social media.
    Pay your balance. Donations are grouped together for easy payments through Google Wallet.
    Do good daily! Engage with hundreds of nonprofit projects each year and help contribute to their success.

How do you find the nonprofits featured on One Today?

All the nonprofits on One Today are members of Google for Nonprofits.

Can I select the causes that I care about?

You can not select the causes you care about but One Today will learn what types of causes matter most to you based on the projects you have donated to in the past. The more projects you give to on One Today, the better the app will become at presenting you with projects that are tailored to your interests.

Can I donate more than $1?

Individually, you can only donate $1 per project per day. However, if you want to donate more, you can challenge your friends to match your donations.

If a nonprofit is on One Today, does that mean it's endorsed by Google?

No. One Today is a new way to help all eligible nonprofits raise awareness and money through micro-donations. Inclusion on the app is in no way an endorsement by Google.

Can I change how often I receive a notification from One Today?

Yes, you can choose how frequently you receieve notifications in the settings menu on the app.

What are the requirements for a nonprofit to join One Today?

One Today is open to all nonprofits in the United States with valid 501(c)3 status that are members of Google for Nonprofits. Eligibility criteria for Google for NonProfits are detailed here.

Where do One Today projects come from?

Nonprofits create projects where $1 can make a meaningful impact.

All projects must comply with Google Play Developer Program Policies and with the One Today project guidelines.

Do nonprofits have to pay to use One Today?

No, there is absolutely no fee for nonprofits to sign up with One Today.

How do I sign up my nonprofit for One Today?

To sign up for One Today, simply sign in to your Google For Nonprofits account and enroll for One Today by clicking on the "Product enrollments" button.
If you are not yet a Google for Nonprofits member, you can register for free at Registration only takes a few minutes.

When I donate, I don't need to provide any payment information. How come?

When you click the "give" button, the app will record that as a pledge rather than a charge. Your balance reflects the aggregated dollar amount you have pledged and not paid yet. Instead of charging you every time you donate, we'll add each of your donations to your account's balance. The app will periodically total your unpaid balance and ask you to approve a credit card transaction for that amount.

How do I pay my balance?

You can pay your balance at any time. We'll also remind you to pay whenever a deadline is approaching. If you accept the balance, we'll charge your credit card through Google Wallet. You can pay your balance directly from the app or have the app send you an invoice via email to let you pay from the Web.

Are my donations tax deductible?

If you're in the U.S., your donations are tax deductible -- the confirmation email from Google Wallet serves as your donation receipt, or for donations over $250, a tax deduction certificate will be emailed to you at the end of the year by our payment processing partners so there is no need to keep track of your payments.

How much of my donation will reach the nonprofit?

The nonprofit will get all of your donation except the payment processing fee of 1.9%, so for every $10 donated, the nonprofit receives $9.81. Unless mentioned otherwise, your donation goes into unrestricted funds that will be used by the nonprofit at its discretion.
One Today partners with Network for Good, an industry leader in Donor Advised Funds, to collect money from donors and disburse it to nonprofit recipients. For each transaction that you approved, you will see a line item on your credit card receipt, with the label GOOGLE *One Today NfG.

What is user matching?

You can challenge your friends to donate to a project by offering to match each of their $1 donations, up to a certain limit that is capped by One Today. Simply select the total dollar amount and then share your offer through your social networks. This amount will be added to your donation balance, whether you choose to share or not.
If your friends don't consume all of your matches or if you choose not to share your match with particular people, the system will automatically show your match to other people (from the One Today community) viewing the project until all the matches are consumed. In the extremely rare case that the project ends before all of your matches can be consumed, the nonprofit will receive your donation anyway.

Why do you limit the amount I can match?

We automatically cap how much you can match based on your donation history on One Today to account for cases when people forget to pay their balances. The more you give on One Today, the higher the cap will be. You can think of it like a spending limit on a credit card.

What information is shared when I "share" my match?

When sharing, you choose the social medium you want to use (e.g. email, G+, Twitter, etc.) and publish a link for the project you donated to. By following the link, people will learn about the project and the fact that you donated to the project and are offering to match other people's donations.

How do I send feedback?

If you'd like to send us feedback, we'd love to hear from you! Send us your thoughts anytime by clicking "Send feedback" in the app's menu.


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