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TextRoom is a Cross Platform Full Screen Rich Text Editor For Writers - working on Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Fedora and many other Linux distributions. There is a port for FreeBSD users, too.

What is TextRoom? TextRoom is a room of your own. Read the GPLv3

It is a free (as in freedom and free beer) full screen rich text editor developed with especially writers in mind.
TextRoom and all other similar editors share one goal: to get you writing right away by providing distraction free environment to your liking, as well as familiar set of keyboard shortcuts to control its behavior. If you don't feel comfortable already with your editor of choice, you may find it useful.

TextRoom works on Windows, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Fedora and many other Linux distributions. There is a port for  FreeBSD users.

Press F1 to see a list of commands in TextRoom.

 Features - Version 0.8.2
  • Export your documents to Google Docs.
  • MiniFlo mindmapper based on Flo by Ian Reinhart Geiser.
  • GetAWord random word generator
  • MusicRoom very basic music player. (Can't play mp3, but you are good with ogg).
  • basic rich text editing: bold, italic, underline, and changing font, font size and color
  • configurable statusbar colors and fonts
  • configurable editor width and height
  • configurable tab stop width and paragraph spacing.
  • .odt export.
  • you can insert images to your documents.
  • configurable behavior: full-screen on/off, auto save, flow mode (disable delete and backspace keys), load last document on startup, remember position in text for the last file
  • insert current time and/or date in a configurable fashion
  • live word count for all text and selected text
  • live character count option
  • configurable page count option
  • live clock on statusbar
  • targets: setting deadline from a graphical calendar
  • targets: setting a target word count
  • targets: setting short deadlines to write in minutes
  • keyboard shortcuts for the most common tasks (if you start the program for the first time, just press F1 for help)
  • typing sounds similar to a typewriter which can be disabled
  • cross-platform
  • Spellcheck with hunspell (US English and Turkish, for now.).
  • Universal Linux installer.
  • Printing support.
  • Background images.
  • Transparent statusbar.
  • File association with .txr files.
  • Restoring all settings to defaults.
  • Plain text only or rich text options.
  • Scratchpad.
  • Line indent (Shift+Enter ignores indent).
  • RTL support.
  • Aligment (Right, Left, Centered and Justified).
Requirements On any Linux distro you will need Qt4.7 (or later) with opengl,svg and xml libs, SDL 1.2.14 (or later),  SDL-mixer 1.2.8 (or later), Hunspell 1.2.11 (or later) libraries, libxml++, libcurl3, glibmm installed to run the program. To compile from source you will need development libraries as well (packages usually having "-dev" or "-devel" in their names.
Windows installer and Mac OS X app bundle comes with the necessary libraries, so you don't have to install anything additional.


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