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J is a text editor written in Java and distributed under the GNU Free License

About J  
J is a text editor written in Java and distributed under the GNU General Public License.  J runs on platforms that support Java 1.5, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.
 J is free software and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
 The latest version is 0.23.0, released April 11, 2010.   

 J 0.23.0 with svn support and updated icons using Coffe theme:

 j-0.23.0.png (98938 bytes)  J 0.19.0 in the Java debugger:

 j-0.19.0.png (111165 bytes)  J 0.16.4 reading mail:

 j-0.16.4.png (145493 bytes)  J 0.14.0 in Java mode, with line numbers and change marks turned on:

 j-0.14.0.png (91816 bytes)   

The latest release is available from the SourceForge download page.   

Documentation is included in both source and binary distributions.  You can also view the documentation for the current release online.   

Mailing Lists J's mailing list page on SourceForge is here. (Gmane or Nabble)   

Reporting Bugs Report a bug What's New   Apr 11 2010 - Version 0.23.0  This release contains ABCL 0.19.1 along with support for svn and updated icons.  Java 1.5 is now required and 1.6 is suggested.
 Subversion support has been added in this release and can be used with the svn* commands.  A new StatusMode has been added for version control status output buffers.  Please see the version control documentation for more information.

 J's icons have been refreshed to the current Gnome icon set.  In addition, you may now change the size of the toolbar icons to either 16 or 24 (the default) by setting ToolBar.iconSize in your prefs file.

 When opening files with the location bar or using a shell buffer, the <Tab> key completes the filename.  The completion feature will now ignore any files that match the filenameCompletionsExcludePattern regular expression.  The find in files dialog has a new default excludes option that will skip files that match the filenameCompletionsExcludePattern regex which is very useful when searching across files that would have included the .svn metadata directories.

 To quickly locate and edit the prefs file, a new editPrefs command has been added.


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