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(Hyper)Markup is a text editor for Windows with special HTML or XML formatting tools and views


(Hyper)Markup can: 1) Edit HTML or text files, 2) tidy up your HTML source code and produce formatted text, 3) Flexisibly generate XML codes or XHTML files from given HTML files with XML template and XSL stylesheet.


    Edit HTML or text files
    Generate XML code fragment from HTML files
    Tidy up HTML source codes
    Produce formatted text from HTML documents
    Perform XSL transformation on HTML documents

Additional Project Details:

Chinese (Simplified), English

Intended Audience
Advanced End Users, End Users/Desktop

User Interface
Project is a graphics toolkit, Project is a templating system, Win32 (MS Windows)

Programming Language
JavaScript, XSL (XSLT/XPath/XSL-FO)
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