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CMSimple_XH is a 1 Administrator flat file CMS without database
« on: October 05, 2014, 11:21:47 PM »
CMSimple_XH is a CMS for running a website with NO Database Needed - just PHP!

Small, modular, user friendly

If you are looking for a simple way to build great websites, you have come to the right place. Here you can learn about CMSimple_XH, a small Content Management System for running a website:
  • easy-to-install: no database
  • easy-to-understand: no complex backend
  • modular: only install what you need
  • GPL3 License
  • developed by an active, helpful community
  • runs on the most basic of Internet servers. Just PHP 4.3 required.

CMSimple_XH is conceived as a one administrator system. That's why we could keep it small and simple. It is not a system where many persons should edit different pages of the same website simultaneously.

You can share the work on your website with others (as we do on this site), for instance with the help of a plugin which lets only one person edit the text at a time.

Plugins can do almost anything with CMSimple_XH. Thus you can tailor the system to your needs without being burdened by stuff you don't need.

 Why CMSimple_XH?
When there are so many big Content Management Systems freely available, why use small CMSimple_XH?
Because CMSimple_XH is comparatively easy to understand. Many systems however claim to be easy. Try it for yourself if you find it to be easy. No complex layout system, no intricate backend, and much you probably already know.
You can easily make backups and move the website to a different domain. Just copy the content file which contains the text and structure of the website. This content file is used in place of a database. Our mesurements show that it is just as fast, as long as you don't have a thousand pages. Reinstalling a backup is simply a click of a button.
The system is straightforward to operate: just log in and write directly into your pages with the on-line editor. There is no backend that administers permissions for many authors.

CMSimple_XH has its roots in the Danish "CMSimple", which started around the turn of the millennium. After its peak popularity in 2006, development slowed down. Finally a group of users took up this little gem and continued developing it to what it is today. In agreement with the original programmer the modern version got the name CMSimple_XH.

 Limits If you want to build a website with more than a thousand pages or maintained by many authors, CMSimple_XH is not for you.


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