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cube chung is a compact hack & slash cube / minecraft like game trial for Windows

cube_chung free cube like game trial in freebasic    cube_chung is a compact hack & slash  cube / minecraft like game trial written in compiled freebasic using gui_chung and openGL. can run on a small netbook.
 add , remove terrain cubes, save, load, or import from heightmap bitmaps.
 you can use the mouse, the keyboard, or the gamepad joysticks.
 hunt lions,tigers,dinosaurs,skeletons, build houses or dig tunnels.
 =>  (5Mo)
 Get cube_chung at Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads height=15
 (22/01/2011) mixed mode added (surface / cubics )
 (27/01/2011) water, lava, grass added
 (01/02/2011) weapon , lions added
 (02/02/2011) tigers, velociraptors added
 (04/02/2011) enhanced A.I .
 (06/02/2011) merge bitmap function added
 (03/05/2011) skeletons added
 (04/05/2011) add monsters to place function added
 (04/05/2011) save/load monstersave files added
 (05/05/2011) spiders added
 (05/03/2012) spell hit added  [shift] key, gnome,ogre added
 (21/11/2013) 3rd animated persos3D warrior, barbare, dwarf, orcs


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