Author Topic: Chess by Cruz the goal is a stable high quality JAVA chess application  (Read 1235 times)

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Chess by Cruz: the goal is a stable high quality JAVA chess application.

 :( Software Santa said it didn't launch on Mac OS X 10.9 ....   :'(


The following chess application is the product of a senior project performed for Manchester College that has been in construction since late Fall of the year 2011 and continues on through the completion of the course. The program is in the pre-alpha stage; it is in no way a finished product. The application is written in Processing API, which I found to be quite fun to write in. The version control was done with github. The project has been in work since October 2011. There will be updates periodically depending when I find the time. Thank you for taking a look or downloading. If there are any bugs, which is the purpose of this public release, please contact me


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