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Sys Information is Software to view information about your Windows system

Total Information Provider
 Sys Information is programmed to become a total system information provider, and also very fast and accurate software.

Previous Version can be download from here

Key Benefits
Sys Information uses only little resources to retrieve system information compared to other system information providers. It also accurate in retrieving the information such as
      * Retrieves Total Information of Hardware such as motherboard

         CPU, BIOS, RAM.     
     * Retrieves Installed Software by using a smart retrieval method for

        fast and accurate information
       * Uninstall a software from Software Section
     * Fast and Accurate Retrieval of Information.
     * Retrieves information about Installed Hard disk using a Optimized
        method for fast retrieval
       * S.M.A.R.T gives sys information the current temperature of the hard disk.

Key Features
 Smart Retrieval Method - It is a method used by Sys Information by retrieving information from WMI and display it. This method is used to retrieve the information more fast and accurately. The Software will not freeze while retrieving information.

Total Operating System information - The complete information about your operating System. This feature is minimized in some system information providers. But it is displayed fully in Sys Information.

Fast Information Retrieval - Sys Information uses optimized retrieval method to retrieve Information so it will be fast and accurate.

Automatic Updating Method - Sys information uses automatic updating method to display information so you don't have to worry, sys information will show you the live information.

Easy to Use Interface - Interface is very easy to use and clear for viewing information more clearly.


System Requirement
 Operating Systems: Windows® 8/ Windows® 7/Vista SP1/XP SP2 both 32-bit and 64-bit with .net Framework 2.0, RAM : 256 MB/Recommended : 512 MB  Disk Space : 5 MB Recommended 7 MB

Errors and Help
  Although Sys Information is easy to use some errors caused due to dependencies. To see how to get rid of errors when running Sys Information Click here


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