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Sys Optimizer is a Simple Lightweight software to optimize and clean your system from temporary files
*Portable Version will crash for the first time when you open it.

Version : 1.0.3
Key Benefits One Click Optimization will remove the temporary files with one click.
Sys Optimizer is a easy to use optimization solution that automatically configures. So there is not worry to select and go to many menus to configure the items

Software can be expanded using addons

* Friendly User Interface with only two buttons so that it would be so easy for the users.

Features of Sys Optimizer
 What are the temp items can be cleaned by using Sys Optimizer
   Picture  [size=90%]Internet Explorer[/size]     Picture  [size=90%]Mozilla Firefox[/size]     Picture  [size=90%]Google Chrome[/size]     Picture  [size=90%]Opera[/size]     Picture  [size=90%]Apple Safari[/size] 

   Temp files of the softwares like Windows Media Player, Adobe Flash Player, Utorrent, Notepad ++ and many more



Log Files, Windows Error Reporting Logs, Windows Recent items, Windows Explorer Thumbnail Cache.


What other things you can do with Sys Optimizer
Game Booster will let you stop process and Aero* to lower the memory usage and let the game run more efficiently.

You can Uninstall Software, Running Process can be stopped, Power plans can be changed. Empty folder finder can find empty folder in a drive. Sys Optimizer can stop the user defined process instantly as it starts.

*Only For Windows Vista and Windows 7

System Requirements
Operating System : XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 with .net framework 2.0 or higher | both 32 bit and 64 bit
Hard disk Space : 4-5 MB of free disk space
RAM : Minimum: 256 Mb/Recommended : 512 Mb
Screen : Minimum : 1024 X 768/ Recommended : 1366 X 768 or Above
in simple words all the modern computers which has 720p resolution monitor with windows xp or higher are able to run this software

Administrator privileges is required to run the program

( hotfixes of Sys Optimizer 1.0 will be available be sure to check out )
(*Source code can be downloaded from here )

Change Log
Version 1.0.3

    Game Booster is included.
    Game Booster is very fast and efficient and has a very low processor usage.
    Software Will startup faster.
    Some Bugs in Live Tuner has been fixed.
    Splash Screen has been changed.
    Interface has been updated to Softview GUI v2.0.1
    Fixed crashes when running on windows 8.1 on some systems.
    Reset Settings option has been added to the settings menu
    Interface Bugs has been fixed.
    Interface Improved.
    Improved software performance for low-end systems.
    Current User Button will now display RAM Usage.

Download  Download Sys Optimizer 1.0.3 x86 x64 Setup     Download Sys Optimizer 1.0.3 x86 x64 Portable   Addons will be available soon.
*Portable Version will crash for the first time when you open it.


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