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Spirograph is a great Spirograph simulation software for Windows Systems




Spirograph Home



Spirograph is one of the best Spirograph simulation software on earth (only second to Math Processor!). This interesting program is absolute fun because of its ease of use and powerful features that allow you to create astonishingly beautiful Spirograph patterns. No other Spirograph software gives you the flxibility and power that this cool program offers.

Spirograph is sure to be fun for both kids and grown-ups alike. Due to its simplicity
        of use, even the children of very young age can use it easily. You can create great
        drawings by just modifying different values with the help of your mouse or keyboard.
        Since images can be exported or copied to paint programs very easily, it can be
        used in combination with any graphics creation tool like Paint or Potoshop to create
        more advanced drawings and images.

 Setting different parameters to change the curves and patterns is made possible through a simple side panel which contains several buttons and input fields easily manipulated with mouse and keyboard.


Major features:
  • Create Spirograph images and a few more not possible using the real toy
  • See image creation as animation
  • Export the created patterns to image files
  • Save your work for later use.
  • Work with multiple Spirograph patterns at the same time
  • Copy-paste the curves between different instances of the application.


Spirograph Math

To become a complete master of Spirograph math, go through our detailed spirograph creation tutorials, which teach you how to use our free prodcut Math Processor to create beautiful Spirograph patterns..
 The math behind Spirograph curves is both simple and elegant. All these amazing patterns are drawn using hypotrochoid and epitrochoid equations that can be manipulated in different ways.
 This software is absolutely free for your personal use. However, you are not allowed to redistribute it over the Internet or using any other means. If you want other people to have a look at this cool application, you are always welcome to link to this site.


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