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Eliot is an open source cross platform Scrabble game with NO AI opponent!

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Eliot is an open source
Scrabble game, freely available under the GNU

Eliot offers four different game modes:

The free game mode is the standard one, ideal for having fun with your friends or family. The players play in turn on the board, each with his own rack.    In the duplicate mode, all the players are faced with the same board and letters at the same time. It is mainly used in clubs and competitions since it takes away the chance (and tactics) component(s) of the game.
The training mode allows to play alone and make progress for the duplicate. It gives more freedom than the multi-player modes.    The arbitration mode lets you arbitrate very efficiently a duplicate game, possibly with an important number of players.

Eliot also provides many tools for advanced search such as the following:

    Search for the best move on a given board and rack. This search is almost instantaneous!
    Search for the possible connections, "Benjamins" (addition of three letters at the beginning of a previous word), or for all the words that can be composed with the letters of the rack.
    You can also use regular expressions
    to search in the dictionary.
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