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The "Clonk Classics" include all Clonk games published prior to Clonk Endeavour. The First 4 in the Series (Clonk / Clonk2 / Clonk APE / Clonk3) SHOULD work in a DOS Emulator like DOSBox ... the others work on antique 16 Bit Windows Systems.

What is Clonk?

Clonk is a highly versatile multiplayer game of strategy, action, skill, and endless fun!

It was developed continuously from 1994 all the way through to 2008 with eight different Clonk titles published.


Clonk is no longer in development and there is no ongoing support for the versions available. All Clonk titles ever published are now available as Freeware.

Please see the community section for ongoing community activity and community support for various Clonk versions.

Clonk is a highly editable game and you can still access all developer information needed to make modifications to the Freeware versions.


The "Clonk Classics" include all Clonk games published prior to Clonk Endeavour.


Clonk Planet

Clonk Planet was the sequel to Clonk 4. Its new menu system for the first time provided access to all game elements through a single general view. Player files, scenarios, and object definitions could be conveniently organized by drag 'n' drop.

The main new feature of Clonk Planet was its networking capability. Any number of players on any number of computers could join in the same clonk realtime world. With a good connection, even internet games were possible. Clonk Planet also featured mouse control with completely redesigned game menus suitable for beginners and large strategic or economic scenarios.

Notice that use of the freeware code does not entitle to any support, upgrades, or access to our additional online offers.

    System: PC, 200 MHz CPU, 32MB RAM, Windows 9x/ME/2K/XP, DirectX 3, good graphics board
    Freeware: code included
    Download: cp465us_free.exe (11.8MB, Version 4.65, English, contains all official addons)
    Screenshots: additional images of game action
    Program already installed but missing the code? Then simply download the freeware code only here.
    View trailer


Clonk World

Clonk World
was the name of the retail version of Clonk 4. It had the same game content as the shareware version 4.06 and was available in stores on boxed CD-ROM.


Clonk 4

Clonk 4 was the first game in the Clonk series that took advantage of Windows 9x with DirectX and was offering high resolution graphics up to 1024x768, free scrolling in levels of unlimited size, up to four splitscreens and completely texturized landscape graphics. The game engine was extended to support freely movable objects with rotation, gravity and recoil, detailed and individual abilities of Clonks and other creatures. Many new buildings, vehicles and objects enriched the gameplay. A modular, extendable system allowed the creation of custom scenarios and objects.

Note: all scenarios and objects available on the Internet are compatible with Clonk Endeavour only and won't work with Clonk 4. Clonk 4 doesn't allow the creation of custom scenarios anymore.

    System: Pentium, Windows 95, DirectX 3.
    Freeware: code included
    Download: (3.7MB, Version 4.07)
    View trailer


Clonk 3

Clonk 3 surpassed its predecessors in terms of complexity and gameplay by a wide margin. Clonks could be controlled individually or in groups. They could swim, dive, dig in 7 directions and build bridges in 5 directions. Vertical scrolling enabled bigger levels that contained layers of rock, granite, gold, oil, water and acid. Natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanos and comets threatened the Clonks. Castles, lifts, windmills, pumps, watchtowers and oil-powered generators could be built with construction kits and interconnected with power lines and pipes. Available vehicles and heavy weapons included tippers, sailing boats, hot-air balloons, catapults and crossbows. Portable weapons and building materials included flintstones, incendiary bombs, arrows, concrete and steel bars. Sharks, wipfs, zaps and monsters inhabited the environment, which had a customizable climate including seasons, rain, snow, storms and lightning. Gameplay modes included learning missions, single-player/cooperative and melee/tournament. The player roster with player portraits, lots of statistics and the players' Clonk crew with their ranks and abilities was updated after every gaming session.

    System: 486er, DOS, VGA, Mouse, SoundBlaster.
    Freeware: code included
    Download: (0.7MB, Version 3.4)


Clonk A.P.E.

The Advanced Players Edition was released after Clonk 2 as an extended version of the original game. It was the first version to contain a player roster, scenario options, snow, loam, and wipf and zap creatures.

    System: 486er, DOS, VGA, Mouse, SoundBlaster.
    Freeware: Code liegt bei
    Download: (0.2MB, Version 1.0)


Clonk 2 Debakel

Clonk 2 wrapped the action gameplay of Clonk 1 with a hexmap strategy game for 2-4 players.

    System: 486er, DOS, VGA, Mouse, SoundBlaster.
    Freeware: code included
    Download: (0.4MB, Version 2.0, German only!)


Clonk 1

The original Clonk. Two players lead their Clonks into 30 predefined battles. Featuring castles, catapults, flintstones, rain, lightning and a monster.

    System: 486er, DOS, VGA, Mouse, SoundBlaster.
    Freeware: code included
    Download: (0.2MB, Version 1.0)
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