Author Topic: Clonk Rage is the latest 2D title in the Clonk Series of Games  (Read 2349 times)

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Clonk Rage is the latest 2D title in the Clonk Series of Games
« on: November 14, 2014, 11:28:48 PM »
Clonk Rage is the latest 2D title in the Clonk Series of Games


Clonk Rage is the current stable 2D title of the Clonk series.

The main focus of Clonk Rage is on the new fullscreen menu for player management and scenario selection which comes in proper gaming style and transitions smoothly into the actual game worlds. Players new to Clonk will find a completely reworked mode of control much closer to the principles of well known Jump'n'Run games.
The network code has been completely rewritten and now allows considerably faster internet play while still supporting the physically demanding landscape simulation of Clonk. This is complemented by numerous additional networking features such as a lobby, chat, and a new league server.
Clonk Rage is the first Clonk game to be released simultaneously for the Windows, Linux, and Macintosh platforms.

Download - Complete Package
This download includes the basic game and all official addon packs:

  cr_full_win32.exe (90 MB)

  cr_full_linux.tar.bz2 (90 MB)
 Tarball (see enclosed installation script)

Mac (90 MB)
 Zip archive

Download - Separate Packages

As accustomed:
  • hectic game play and loads of fun with hardy Clonks in huge worlds
  • industrious settling and economic advancement or intense battles by means of all available weapons and tactics
  • up to four players on one computer
  • yet more players via local networks or the internet
  • tons of scenarios with different climate and weather conditions and adventuresome missions
  • keyboard, mouse, or game pad control, or combinations thereof
  • unlimited editing capabilities through the integrated developer mode

New in Clonk Rage:
  • all new graphical fullscreen menus
  • new Jump'n'Run control mode: clonks will stop when movement keys are released (optional)
  • completely reworked network code allows smoothly running internet games
  • new master server and league evaluation
  • integrated IRC chat client, available all throughout the game
  • genuinely cross-platform: native ports for Windows, Linux, and Intel-Mac
  • loads of extensions to the already powerful scripting language
  • numerous small fixes and improvements to the existing game content

System Requirements

  • PC, 1 GHz CPU, 256 MB RAM
  • Windows XP/Vista
  • Direct3D 8.1 or OpenGL capable graphics board with 32MB video memory
  • up-to-date graphics drivers
Previous versions of Windows are likely to work but are not officially supported.

  • PC, 1 GHz CPU, 256 MB RAM
  • OpenGL accelerated graphics board with 32MB video memory
  • GTK+ 2.8 (or above)
  • SDL_mixer 1.2.6 (or above, plus Timidity configuration for MIDI playback)
  • libstdc++6 (Version 4.1 or higher)
  • up-to-date graphics drivers

  • Macintosh with Intel processor (no PowerPC!)
  • OS X

Clonk Rage is Freeware.
All scenarios and game elements can be played in the unregistered version. Even the editor can be used without registration.

Age Rating
Clonk Rage is an upgrade to Clonk Endeavour, which has been rated for players 6 years or older by the German USK authority. The game content of Clonk Endeavour and Clonk Rage is largely identical.


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