Author Topic: DosBlaster is a DOS game launcher to run DOS games on Windows Systems  (Read 1670 times)

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DosBlaster is a DOS game launcher to run DOS games on Windows Systems


A DOSBOX launcher for running DOS games


[justify] DosBlaster is a DOS game launcher to run DOS games. It requires DOSBOX ( as a backend to run the game. The users will import the games and run them; that's what DosBlaster can do. DosBlaster also offers a simplified view of the DOS games which can be manage easily. [/justify]

  • Import DOS games from ZIP files or directory
  • Scaler, machine type selection
  • Use DOS32A for higher performance
  • Run specific executable file in the game directory
  • Store game speed for next run

  • Download and install DosBlaster.
  • Download and install DosBox.
  • Run DosBlaster and import DOS games.
  • Double click the game icon and select a executable file to run.
  • The game is run and users can adjust the game settings using shortcut keys.

 Please read the manual for tips on running DosBlaster and DosBox.


System Requirements
  • Windows 2K/XP/Vista/7 (x86)
  • 3MB of disk space (additional space for Microsoft.Net 2.0 Runtime)
  • 64MB free memory
  • Microsoft.Net 2.0 runtime

Current Version: (01/27/2013)
Version 3.0 Build 163 Download


Microsoft.Net 2.0 required on Windows 2K/XP/2K3
[justify] The installer will notify you if you don't have 2.0 installed on your system and a download page will be open in your default web browser. The .net redistributable package is about 22MB and DosBlaster will not run without Microsoft.Net 2.0. [/justify]
 On Windows Vista/7, Microsoft.Net is installed by default and installation can proceed immediately.

Uninstalling DosBlaster 2.5 may not work
[justify] DosBlaster 2.5 may not uninstall properly. There are two solutions for this: [/justify]
  • Using Add/Remove Programs through Control Panel, close the Windows Explorer through Task Manager when the Setup Dialog popups up. Then click OK button to continue.
  • Or download the file and follow the instructions in the readme.txt


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