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TitanTV helps you to discover when and where to watch your favorite shows on TV! Software Santa uses this service ... after having FINALLY discarded all the others as being wrong/incomplete/or too invasive to use ...

(TV Guide: Inaccurate - and doesn't list ALL of my stations I get! Zap2It: Invasive and Clunky Interface doesn't work right because they change the CloudFront server they serve the site from EVERY WEEK - AND it is ALWAYS 8 PM (Again) whenever you change any element. LOTS of spying/tracking Javascripts at Zap2It ... I can't use them any more!)

About TitanTV
TitanTV is the free and easy way for you to discover when and where to watch your favorite shows. Whether you're looking for the local news or the next blockbuster television premiere, TitanTV guides you through the growing number of available channels and programs.

Since its launch in 2000, TitanTV has been at the forefront of online TV guides. Using our patented geo-location technology, TitanTV provides the most accurate over-the-air, cable and satellite channel lineups for your area.

Unlock the Power of TitanTV
When you create a free TitanTV membership, you unlock the ability to customize your TV listings.

    Build multiple listings containing only the channels you watch
    Maintain a list of your favorite shows for quick and convenient recall
    Manage the look and feel of your channel listings
    Access your customized listings from any computer or mobile device

Trusted by Your Local Broadcasters
For over a decade, TitanTV has partnered with local broadcasters, connecting their content with audiences everywhere. Today, TitanTV is trusted by over 800 TV stations nationwide to provide listings to their websites, mobile sites and mobile apps.

Record. Watch. Repeat.
Members with computers equipped with Personal Video Recorders (PVR) may watch and record TV right from TitanTV's listings. TitanTV was the first electronic program guide developed to incorporate PVR technology. This standard makes TitanTV the default guide for major PC-TV tuner cards today. For more information about personal video recorders, their features, and using a PVR with TitanTV, please take a momemt to read TitanTV’s PVR 101.

TitanTV for Mobile Devices

Do you use an Android, Apple or other mobile device? Now you can take TitanTV with you. Mobile versions of TitanTV are now available for smart phones, tablets and other handheld devices.

Access your account on your mobile device and view the listings for your customized channel lineups anywhere you go. And, just like for your desktop, the mobile versions are also free!

Download the TitanTV for Android app from the Google Play site.

TitanTV for iPhone / iPad Touch is available from the iTunes App Store.

For users of mobile devices based on other operating systems, TitanTV Mobile is yet another version of that is available. On these devices, simply direct your mobile web browser to . Usage Tips
Tip #1: The Default Grid Time setting on the Site Preferences/My Preferences page allows you to specify which hour (the current time, primetime, or any other hour) the Schedule page always opens to.
Tip #2: Filters under the Tools/More button above the grid on the Schedule page allow you to temporarily display only movies, sports, High Definition programs, news or other program types in the grid.
Tip #3: The Grid Font Size setting on the Site Preferences/My Preferences page allows you to change the size of the font used on the Schedule page.
Tip #4: The check boxes under the Programming Grid Fields section of the Preferences/My Preferences page allows you to choose how much (or how little) information about the programs to display on the Schedule page.
Tip #5: With a PVR (Personal Video Recorder) installed, programs may be recorded to your computer's hard drive with just a single click.
Tip #6: Channel lineups may be customized to hide unwanted channels, add new channels, and change the channels' display order. Click Manage in the Channel Lineup box above the grid then click Edit Channels.
Tip #7: Custom channel lineups may be created containing only your movie channels, sports channels, news and talk channels, educational/children's programming channels, and more. Your imagination is the only limit.
Tip #8: The Schedule page displays three hours of programming by default. You may specify a different number of hours with the Default Grid Duration option on the Site Preferences/My Preferences page.
Tip #9: If you frequently travel between two or more locations, you may create separate lineups for each of those locations.
Tip #10: Up to 200 (500 for registered users) programs may be selected as Favorites. When a Favorite is on the Schedule page, it is indicated on the grid with a star in its cell.
Tip #11: The Favorites function allows you to view a list of your favorite programs and when they are scheduled to air by clicking on the Favorite Shows & Movies link at the top of the page.
Tip #12: Clicking the Calendar button in a program’s Details box exports an entry about that program to your email client’s Calendar application. In the Calendar, you may also choose to have it open an onscreen notice about the program a few minutes before its air time.
Tip #13: The Search function supports many of the same advanced Operators used by Google and other search engines for building complex search arguments.
Tip #14: Search arguments may be saved for easy recall and reuse.
Tip #15: The Favorite Shows & Movies page allows you to view the upcoming airings of the programs you have selected as Favorites.
Tip #16: Click on a program's cell to open its Details box. Move your mouse off the box (or click again) to automatically close it.
Tip #17: Click on a station's call sign in the leftmost column to view a page containing only that channel's schedule for the next three days.
Tip #18: Shortcut controls in the two leftmost columns between every tenth channel allow you to go forward and back through the schedule by 24 hours at a time and also return the grid to the listing for the current time.
Tip #19: The left and right arrows beside the time headers allow you to go forward or back through the schedule with each click.
Tip #20: Program grid cells are color coded to indicate each program's primary genre. A legend at the bottom of the Schedule page identifies each every genre and its color.
Tip #21: Selecting the Use Full Screen Width by Default option on the Site Preferences/My Preferences page allows the Schedule page to always open to the full width of your browser.
Tip #22: The Print function sends a printer-friendly version of the currently channel listings to your printer.
Tip #23: You may change a channel lineup's default name by clicking the Edit Information button on the Site Preferences/My Channel Lineups page.
Tip #24: Becoming a TitanTV member allows you to access the customized lineups in your account on any computer anywhere.
Tip #25: The icons for creating reminders, choosing Favorite programs, and controlling PVR (Personal Video Recorder) functions are located in a selected program's Details box. Click the program's cell in the grid to access the icons.


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