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SDL Sopwith is a port of the classic 8086 biplane shoot-em-up game to modern computers ...

This is a port of the classic computer game "Sopwith" to run on modern computers and operating systems. It is named "SDL Sopwith" as it was originally based only on the LibSDL
graphics library. There is now also a port to Gtk+
, the widget library used by GNOME
. While the game reamins much the same as it did twenty years ago, small changes and optional features have been added to give the player more flexibility and challenges.
This is based on the original sopwith code, which is available
as Free Software
under The GNU General Public License


    Modern native application - will run under Windows, GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, BeOS and probably most modern operating systems supported by LibSDL
    Working sound (emulated PC speaker through the sound card output)
    Working Multiplayer
    More configurable than the original (options from Sopwith 2/ The authors edition can be turned off)
    Vastly cleaned up and portable code


    David L. Clark's website
    the father of Sopwith.
    Port of SDL Sopwith
    for the GP32 handheld gaming machine!
    Jornand de Buisonje's Sopwith port

These distributions currently include Sopwith:

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