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Hale is a Role Playing Game (RPG) with a turn based, tactical combat system for Windows/Linux Systems - written in JAVA


Hale is a turn based RPG with deep tactical combat and character customization. Included is a lengthy and varied campaign with many quests, items and monsters, visiting a variety of locales. The entire system is built to be moddable from the ground up.

Turn Based Strategy, Role-Playing

GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

Additional Project Details:

Intended Audience
Developers, End Users/Desktop

Programming Language
JavaScript, Java


Hale is a Role Playing Game (RPG) with a turn based, tactical combat system. A lengthy campaign is included, with easy support for the creation of additional content.

Download & Installation

You will first need a recent version (6 or greater) of Java installed. If you do not already have it, you can get Java here.
The latest stable release of Hale is 0.6.5, available for download here.
The Release Notes are available for download.
Once you have downloaded the file, simply extract it wherever you like, such as on your Desktop. The extraction will create a folder called "hale". Inside, you will find hale.exe (Windows) and (Linux). Simply run the file for your OS to start the game.


  • Cross platform support through the use of Java. Windows and Linux are supported.
  • A complete, lengthy campaign is included with the game. It includes tons of enemies, loot, item crafting, a variety of areas to explore, and much more.
  • Deep, tactical, turn based combat on a hex grid.
  • Extensive support for modding with no programming required. All data files to build up an adventure are stored in human readable JSON.
  • A clean, efficient, and powerful user interface built for use on a PC.

Quickstart Guide

A [Quickstart Guide] for new players, to help you get the most fun out of your first sessions.

Rules & Modding
Hale is designed from the ground up with support for extensive modding and user contributed campaigns.
See [Modding] for an introduction.
See [Save Format] for a discussion of the file format used for save game files.
There is also available a discussion on [Character Leveling].
Developers should check out the Project Page.
If you wish to compile the source, see [Compiling Hale].


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