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The Endless Dungeons is a free random dungeon game RPG (Roguelike) for Windows Systems

The Endless Dungeons is an 8-bit style random dungeon game consisting of 8 character classes, hundreds of monster types, and 99 randomly generated dungeon levels. You must level your character from 1 to 99, collect items and equipment to make him or her more powerful, and finally confront the boss of the game, Xantos, on the 99th floor of the dungeon.
 Don't forget to download the manual if you want more info:
 There is also an FAQ on the forums here:
 This game differs from a lot of other roguelikes in that it's largely GUI- and menu based (similar to old console RPGs) and has turn-based battles.
 I am looking for someone to port this to Linux and Mac! This game uses core Allegro 4.4.2 library only, so should be fairly easy to port. If you make a port I'll post it here.


 Role-Playing, Turn Based Strategy   

  Creative Commons Attribution License 

  • Random dungeons
  • Eight character classes
  • Hundreds of monsters
  • Three trade professions
  • Full MIDI soundtrack
  • Turn-based, strategic battles
  • Innovative Boons system
  • Addictive gameplay


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