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Liberal Crime Squad is a satirical console-based political role-playing/strategy game for Windows/Linux Systems


A satirical console-based political role-playing/strategy game in which you recruit a team of Elite Liberal radicals and try to save the United States from a descent into Arch-Conservatism. Gameplay based loosely on the classic 1983 RPG Oubliette.

Turn Based Strategy, Role-Playing

GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

Liberal Crime Squad is a satirical open-source text-based modern strategic political RPG with bad pickup lines and bad graphics. You play as the founder of a left-wing terrorist cell devoted to saving the United States from its descent into Conservative Insanity though writing to newspapers, volunteering, playing protest music, seduction, flag burning, graffiti, hacking, kidnapping, torture, murder, brainwashing, and other common and uncommon activist activities.

LCS was originally created as a side project by Tarn and Zach Adams (Bay 12 Games), the brothers behind Dwarf Fortress. They last updated the game in 2004; I picked the source code up in 2007, and in collaboration with more than a dozen programmers and writers from the community, we have managed to release intermittent updates since then.

Please note that LCS is unbalanced, unfair, unfriendly, and inappropriate. Its interface is an artifact of cancerous feature creep on top of the historically important but very old 1983 RPG Oubliette. It's also awesome, so you should download it. Any questions or suggestions about the game can be submitted in this forum, and check out the wiki for a likely out-of-date but still pretty useful reference.

Thanks to Tarn Adams for making the game, and everyone else who has contributed to the continual betterment and stability of the game!

Full Download
LCS 4.07.0 for Windows

Source Code
Spoiler: Linux (click to show/hide)
Spoiler: Windows (click to show/hide)

4.07.0 Changelog

- Split knives into Combat Knife, Dagger, and Shank, removing the old generic Knife
- Added the ability to hit up to three times when attacking with a knife (though it takes a great deal of skill to do consistently)
- Added Sneak Attacks
- Added Black Leather Armor in the Oubliette
- Made stealthy armor show up black (instead of green/red) when in a situation where you might sneak
- Made it possible for formerly healthy Liberals to die in labor camp
- Updated site maps and incorporated some of KA101's new maps
- Increased shotgun capacity to 8 shells from 6
- Increased accuracy and minimum damage of shotguns
- Removed the +50% damage "critical" chance from shotguns
- Added AA-12 Auto-Shotgun, which fires twice
- Gave AA-12 to CCS bosses
- Gave CCS bosses dodge skill
- Made CCS bosses hard to intimidate through threatening hostages
- Fixed metal detectors seeming to not detect M16s and such if you're in disguise
- Expanded weapon tracking to make "in-character" weapons only less suspicious, not invisible
- Allowed CCS door guards to admit you at the Bar & Grill (but not subsequent CCS safehouses)
- Made datenapping much easier with melee weapons, martial arts
- Renamed some CCS disguises
- CCS leaders no longer spawn randomly
- CCS leaders can now be found in fixed locations on the CCS safehouse maps
- You now defeat CCS safehouse by killing their safehouse leader rather than racking up a body count (though the victory text now changes based on whether you snuck in and assassinated them or cut a swath of destruction on your way in)
- Sleeper Bank Managers can now embezzle thousands of dollars per month
- Prisons issue enabled, new news stories for prisons and gun control issues
- Fixed over-healing bug
- The game will now generate names for the people you're dating, rather than coldly identifying a person you're sleeping with only by their profession
- The game will now tell you where the recruit or date you're interacting with works
- Removed the requirement to wait multiple days to identify information about the people you're dating
- Can now toggle between sorting by type or location, and can move all items at once on the Review and Move Equipment screen
- Fixed Anti-Aircraft gun's performance so it's not bugged and useless
- Stopped sieges from disrupting teaching and tending hostages
- Various other bug fixes, changes to flavor text, etc.

New Attack: Sneak Attacks

Sneak attacks are attempted automatically when you attack unsuspecting Conservatives with a knife. You add your stealth to the attack roll, and the victim will defend with their Wisdom instead of their dodge. If the attack is successful, you'll stab the target in the head or body and will usually kill the target instantly. This attack does not cause any alarm if it is successful.

If there are other Conservatives present who are not immediately taken out in the same fashion, your attack is unsuccessful, or the target's armor causes them to survive the attack, the jig is up and the site alarm will be raised. Multiple Liberals can attempt sneak attacks in order to silently take down larger groups of enemies, as long as nothing goes wrong; one failed attack and the rest of your party will have to fall back on traditional knife fighting.

Note that while killing Conservatives in this way may not cause immediate alarm, leaving a trail of bodies is still highly suspicious; you will not have long before the Conservatives figure out something is going horribly wrong, even if they have yet to identify you as the perpetrator. And while this new attack makes knives a very powerful infiltration weapon, sneak attacks can't be used in sieges or any other circumstance where the Conservatives are already alarmed.


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