Author Topic: UnNetHack is a roguelike, single-player role-playing game for Windows/Linux/BSD  (Read 1507 times)

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UnNetHack and NetHack-De are roguelike, single-player role-playing games for Windows/Linux/BSD


UnNetHack is a fork of NetHack, a single-player roguelike video game in development since 1987.

It features more randomness, more levels, more challenges and more fun than vanilla NetHack, trying to be the game NetHack would be if it were still in development.

There is a project page on sourceforge and a public server at

For discussion, join the IRC channel #unnethack on or post to

The current released version of UnNetHack can be downloaded there. The development code is available from the subversion repository.

NetHack-De is a German translation of NetHack.

Its project page is on sourceforge and the current version can be downloaded there.
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