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Little Things has Amazing Videos, Stories and News from around the world. It’s the little things in life that matter the most!

Software Santa thank Eagle Shadow for posting the link! A tip of the Software Santa Cap to Her!  :bowing:  :hail:




Little Things

Aren’t you tired of always winding up in the dark corner of the internet? Where every link directs you to a depressing story, gruesome video, or a mindless rant littered with profanity? We’re tired of that too.

What is Little Things?
Founded in 2014, Little Things is made up of a dynamic team of optimistic, lighthearted, and creative people who want to share positive content with the world. We work diligently, scaling the internet and sifting through hours of media to find stories and videos that make our viewers smile. Whether it’s a funny anecdote, an inspiring tale or a touching performance, our goal is to brighten your day –all 75 million of you!
Our outreach is broad and continues to grow. I mean, 75 Million? That’s how many miles it would take someone to travel to every country in the world. And though we prefer to pave our way in megabits rather than miles, spreading joy worldwide is what we’re aiming to do!

Why Little Things?
Every day, we each experience a small achievement or catch wind of an amazing story. They motivate us; they inspire us. It’s witnessing a young gentleman help an elderly woman cross a busy intersection. It’s waking up to your loving dog’s wet nose nudging your cheek. It’s watching a baby take their first steps.
It’s the tales of triumph and hope that get us through each day…
It’s… well, you know – the little things.


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